Sweet Bonanza Slot by Pragmatic Play Review

Those who are familiar with the world of gambling have definitely heard of the Sweet Bonanza slot. If you are trying to decide whether it is worth exploring this game, take a look at this comprehensive review to find out all the details you need to make a conscious choice!

About Sweet Bonanza

Sweet Bonanza is an online slot machine developed by leading content provider Pragmatic Play. This ultra-popular online slot machine is a crowd favorite and has many aspects which appeal to all online slot enthusiasts.

General Game Info

Though only launched in the summer of 2019, Sweet Bonanza has garnered much critical acclaim from players and the online gambling industry. This unique 6-Reel-All-Ways machine could treat you to winnings of up to 21,175 times your real money bet!

NameSweet Bonanza
ProviderPragmatic Play
TypeVideo Slots
Max. Win21,175x
Min. bet $, €, £0,20
Max. bet $, €, £100,00
FeaturesTumble Feature,
Free Spins Feature,
Ante Bet Option,
Bonus Buy Option
Progressive jackpotNo
Reels x Rows6 x 5
PlatformsDesktop, Tablet,
Release DateJun 25, 2019

Sweet Bonanza Theme and Graphics

Be transported to a fantastic candy land with the beautifully designed game slot, Sweet Bonanza. Vibrant and colorful 3D graphics make the Sweet Bonanza slot one of the most visually appealing slots out there. There is a treat for both the eyes and the wallet when you play Sweet Bonanza. Pragmatic Play has also implemented wonderful transition effects for each spin, win and tumble. Reels are filled with juicy, fruity, and confectionary delights that look good enough to eat! 

The cartoony graphics are a welcome departure from Pragmatic Plays’ other slot machine games, which have more realistic designed symbols and overall themes. The imagery is not the only thing that’s sweet, as the background music is a light and cheerful jingle.

Sweet Bonanza Graphics

Game Developers

Sweet Bonanza slot is a game developed by a gambling industry giant, Pragmatic Play.

About Pragmatic Play

Pragmatic Play has a highly established dominance in the iGaming Industry and is licensed in over 20 jurisdictions. It was founded in 2015 but has already earned itself a solid reputation. Pragmatic Play’s passion for creating the most engaging and exciting experience for their customers has won them multiple awards. It is not surprising that they have gained such accolades as their games often involve extremely creative multi-level bonus rounds and unique, intriguing features.

With a range of content which includes slots, live casinos, bingo, and scratch cards, to name a few, there is something for everyone. To date, Pragmatic Play has developed over 100 HTML5 games, all available in 26 languages and a plethora of currencies.

Sweet Bonanza Demo Play

Here is everything you need to know about the Sweet Bonanza demo play version.

Can I Play for Free?

The Sweet Bonanza Pragmatic Play demo is playable without a real money deposit on the Pragmatic Play website. This Sweet Bonanza free play gives you a chance to try a Sweet Bonanza demo free of charge! It is great to help you decide if you like the game before using real money. Once you start the Sweet Bonanza slot demo, you are given 100,000 game coins to start spinning and winning.

Playing Sweet Bonanza for Real Money

You can play Sweet Bonanza real money mode to win real cash payouts. This real money version can be found wherever Sweet Bonanza is featured on an online casino. The amount of coins you get to play the game is the amount of real money deposit made into your account on the online casino.

Where to Play the Slot

Sweet Bonanza has earned the love of layers, which make a lot of renowned online gambling platforms offer it.

Best Casinos to Play

You can play Sweet Bonanza on a variety of online casinos. Some reputable places to feature Sweet Bonanza slots are:

This is not an exhaustive list. There are many other online casinos where you can find Sweet Bonanza.

How Sweet Bonanza Is Different from Other Video Slots

Sweet Bonanza is different from other video slots because:

  • It has 6 reels and 5 rows, which is a bigger screen than most slots.
  • It has an all-ways win system. Having no pay lines means symbols can land anywhere on the screen for a payout making it easier to win.
  • It uses a tumbling sequence which is not common in most video slots. This feature increases the possible payout per spin.
  • It has more multipliers and bonus rounds than the average slot game.
  • It has prettier graphics than the usual slot game.

Setup and Pay-table Of Sweet Bonanza

Sweet Bonanza symbols

This is the paytable for Sweet Bonanza Pragmatic Play have provided based on the real money version per 100-coin stake:


Get 12+: 200

Get 10 – 11: 75

Get 8 – 9: 25


Get 12+: 400

Get 10 – 11: 90

Get 8 – 9: 40


Get 12+: 500

Get 10 – 11: 100

Get 8 – 9: 50


Get 12+: 800

Get 10 – 11: 120

Get 8 – 9: 80


Get 12+: 1000

Get 10 – 11: 150

Get 8 – 9: 100

Blue Candy

Get 12+: 1200

Get 10 – 11: 200

Get 8 – 9: 150

Green Candy

Get 12+: 1500

Get 10 – 11: 500

Get 8 – 9: 200

Purple Candy

Get 12+: 2500

Get 10 – 11: 1000

Get 8 – 9: 250

Red Candy

Get 12+: 5000

Get 10 – 11: 2500

Get 8 – 9: 1000

As you can see, candy symbols have a higher payout rate than fruit symbols. The highest paying symbol is the Red Candy, with a maximum potential payout of 5000 for a 100-coin bet. The lowest paying is the banana symbol, with a maximum potential payout of just 200 for a 100-coin bet.

Note that the real money paytable for Sweet Bonanza will differ from the demo version. This may be due to the individual online casino you are accessing the game on or caused by the exchange rates for currency values.

How to Play the Game at a Casino

Sweet Bonanza casino versions do not always include free demo play. Once you locate the Sweet Bonanza slot game in an online casino and load it, general gameplay is the same across all casinos. Here are some instructions:

Load The Game and Click ‘i’ To View the Rules and Payouts

When your game has loaded, you will land on the title screen. Click on the button with the twin circular arrows to enter the slot machine screen. You have the option to tick the box that says “Don’t show next time” to bypass this landing page in the future and proceed straight to the slot machine. Notice that you also have the option to play full screen by pressing on the full-screen button at the bottom right corner.

By pressing the “i” button located at the bottom left corner of the game, you will find all instructions and information you will need. All features and rules are explained to help you understand the gameplay.

Additionally, you will also find settings and interface for the game explained. There are 7 pages in total that you can scroll through by clicking the left and right green arrows on the bottom left of the pop-up screen.

Once you have finished reading what you need to know, you may exit out of this screen and go back to the slot machine by either clicking the green “x” in between the green arrow buttons or the grey “x” at the top right.

Please note that the paytable can be displayed in either coin or real money mode, so the numbers will look different.

Click the Three Lines Button to Choose the Total Bet

Also, in the lower-left corner of the screen is the Three Lines button. This opens up the system settings menu. You may toggle with the Total Bet amount and game settings for a customized slot game experience. Players can change settings such as turning on and off the music, sound effects, or spin speed to suit their preferences.

Click ‘Autoplay’ And Select Your Number of Spins

The autoplay feature is found at the bottom right of the screen. Once the button is clicked, the autoplay settings menu will be displayed. Here you will be given options to change the reels’ spin speed during autoplay mode and choose the number of spins you wish to autoplay.

Set Your Stop/Start Limits

In the autoplay settings menu, you are given a slider tool to set the number of spins you would like to autoplay. You drag the slider left or right while left-clicking and holding the square slider to set the number of spins. By dragging the slider to the left, you decrease the number of spins. By dragging the slider to the right, you increase the number of spins. The number of spins selected for autoplay will be displayed on the right side of the slider. The total number of spins for autoplay must be an increment of 10. The minimum number of spins that can be selected for autoplay is 10, and the maximum is 1000.

In some versions, you are also given extra options to stop the autoplay when:

  • coins have increased/decreased by a set amount.
  • a single win exceeds a predetermined amount.
  • the Free Spins round has been activated.

Decide on a Session Budget

Сhoose between Bet, Coin Value, or Total Bet and increase or decrease the amount you would like to wager per spin. Since the base amount per win is multiplied by the bet amount, the higher you bet, the higher the prize will be per win. This could mean a quicker and more profitable return if luck is on your side.

Click ‘Play’ And Enjoy the Game

When you are happy with all your settings, press “start autoplay”. The reels will begin to spin automatically, enjoy!

Many players also enjoy using the space or enter buttons on their keyboards for a more authentic slot machine experience. Spin the reels manually by pressing these buttons every time.

Special Features of Sweet Bonanza Slot Game

Apart from the standard functions, Sweet Bonanza is bursting with fresh features you will enjoy!

The Ante Bet Option

This is an optional bet multiplier with different effects on gameplay depending on the bet multiplier value chosen:

  • Bet multiplier 20x – players can pay 100x the total bet to purchase a Free Spins Round. Stakes range from 0.2 coins to 100 coins.
  • Bet multiplier 25x – double the chance to win free spins. More SCATTER symbols are added to the reels, but the ability to purchase Free Spins Rounds is removed. Stakes range from 0.25 coins to 125 coins.

The Bonus Buy Option

Rather than wait for the chance of triggering the Free Spins Round, the Sweet Bonanza bonus buy option allows the purchase and automatic trigger of a Free Spins Round. This gamble could pay off as the Free Spin Round gives the chance to win big payouts that may be much more than the cost to buy the feature.

Sweet Bonanza bonus buy option

The buy-in for the Free Spins Round is 100 times the total bet amount you set per spin. Therefore, the higher the bet you place, the more expensive the buy-in will be. You can locate the buy-in for Free Spins on the left side of the screen labeled “Buy Feature.” You will notice the price of purchase go up and down as you toggle with the best amount.

Sadly, the bonus buy option may not be available for all versions due to gambling regulations and restrictions in certain countries. So check that out before getting too excited.

The Tumble Feature

The tumble feature occurs after a winning combination is hit. Once the reels stop after a spin, winning combinations pop, and the symbols disappear from the screen after the corresponding reward is paid out. The symbols above those that disappear will drop, and new symbols will fall and replace any remaining empty positions.  This is also known as cascading reels.

The Free Spins Feature

The Sweet Bonanza free spins feature activates when 4 or more scatter symbols land anywhere on the screen after a spin or if a Free Spins round is purchased. Once the Free Spins feature commences, you are given 10 free spins.

When all your free spins are used, you are given a pop-up that tells you how much you won in total during the entire Free Spins round.


There is a scatter symbol – the lollipop. This scatter symbol appears once on each reel, and like all other symbols, it also pays in any position.

  • Get 6: 1000
  • Get 5: 500
  • Get 4: 300

During the Free Spins round, for every spin that hits 3 or more scatter symbols, 5 extra free spins are automatically awarded.


During the Free Spins round, a special multiplier symbol may appear. It stays on the screen until the tumble feature is finished. When this special multiplier lands on the screen during a Free Spins round, it will take a random value between 2x – 100x. After the tumbling feature ends, all multiplier values on the screen are summed up, and the total multiplier value is used to multiply the total winnings gained from that spin to give the final payout amount. This multiplier is only available when the Free Spins round is active.

Autoplay Feature

Does your finger get tired of manually pressing the spin button? Perhaps you are a bit impatient for payouts. Then the autoplay feature will be your savior. The autoplay feature allows players to set the slots to spin automatically. The player can optimize the autoplay to their preferences by choosing the amount to bet and setting how many free spins they would like to play automatically. You can also change the spin speed and reduce the time it takes to complete the spins by removing certain visual effects. Once the autoplay is all set up, players can sit back and watch the action.

This is also a great feature for players who like to multi-task because autoplay gives players the ability to run spins on Sweet Bonanza in the background, freeing them up to do other things or play other games!

Sweet Bonanza bonuses

There are no other bonuses in the game other than those during the Free Spins round. However, players will get a chance to gain huge multiplier bonuses. Multipliers take the appearance of rainbow bombs. As discussed earlier, once on the screen, these rainbow bomb multipliers will take on a value between 2 and 100 and stay on the screen until the tumbling feature is over for that spin. The sum of all multiplier values is then used to multiply the total winnings earned during that entire spin.

Every time a spin gives a big win, you get a pretty cool celebratory pop-up graphic complete with flying coins as the money count goes up to your total win amount for that spin! Depending on the amount won, you will get a different word splashed across the screen.

How to Win the Game

Sweet Bonanza is one of the few slot machines that offer an all-ways win. This means that there are no traditional paylines; rather, symbols can land ANYWHERE on the screen for a payout. The minimum number for a payout is 8 matching symbols. In one spin, you could have 8 or more matching symbols multiple times. The more matching symbols, the higher the payout will be, and multiple matching symbols mean multiple payouts!

Sweet Bonanza RTP and Volatility

RTP stands for Return To Player. This is the average of expected winnings. The Sweet Bonanza RTP is higher than the average online slot machine.

  • The maximum RTP of the game is 96.51%
  • The minimum RTP of the game is 96.48%

The volatility of the Sweet Bonanza game is stated to be in the medium range by Pragmatic Play. This means that winnings are statistically likely to occur in a moderate frequency. The size of winnings dispensed will vary and could be low, high, or anything in between.

Sweet Bonanza Tips, Tricks, And Strategies

Since all slot games are programmed to be naturally random, there are no guaranteed ways to win every time. Pragmatic Play has programmed Sweet Bonanza using a random number generator (RNG). This ensures an unbiased and completely random system that is entirely unpredictable and cannot be manipulated in any way.

But you can adopt a strategy of play to maximize winnings by investigating the features and mechanics of the chosen slot machine and figuring out how to use them to your advantage.

The best way to determine a good strategy for Sweet Bonanza is to try the free demo version first. By playing numerous rounds, you can get a feel for the variance in winnings. Monitor how often wins occur, how many spins it takes, and the size of the winnings. Using these observations, you can attempt to estimate your personally optimized betting amounts to ensure the lowest risk for the highest rewards.

It is advisable to run these trials using the demo version, as it will realistically take hundreds if not thousands of spins. The demo version is free to play but still has the same volatility and RTP mechanics as the real money version. This means you won’t be breaking the bank while gathering enough slot data to devise a winning strategy.

The biggest wins are gained from the Sweet Bonanza bonus during the Free Spins round. This would indicate that it may be more advantageous to only ante up with the 20x bet multiplier instead of the 25x bet multiplier. That way, you can trigger the Free Spins round by paying for it, with high chances that you will win back what you invested and more.

Jackpots and Max Wins

The minimum stake is equivalent to 20p, and the maximum stake is £10.

Unlike many other slot machines, Sweet Bonanza, unfortunately, does not have a jackpot. But they do make up for this with a maximum payout equivalent of up to £250,000!

Compatibility of The Slot Machine

Pragmatic Play developed Sweet Bonanza using HTML5 technology. This means it is fully compatible across all modern mobile devices and computers.


Even the most basic of computers have the system specifications required to run Sweet Bonanza. All commonly used browsers are also equipped to handle Sweet Bonanza as long as they are fully updated. For the best performance, it is recommended to use Chrome, Firefox, Opera, or Microsoft Edge.


Sweet Bonanza can run smoothly on Android and iOS smartphones through the browsers Safari, Opera, Chrome, Firefox, or the standard Samsung Browser for Samsung phones. Sweet Bonanza can be played in any rotation of choice, meaning the game will adjust to landscape or portrait mode depending on how you hold your phone.


Sweet Bonanza is also tablet supported and can operate on any of the same browsers mentioned for smartphones. No app download is necessary. Play straight from the browser.

How to Play Sweet Bonanza on Mobile

If you need to satisfy your sweet tooth for Sweet Bonanza on the go, you can do so by playing on your mobile devices. Pragmatic Play has allowed seamless integration on both Android and tablet devices. There is no need for any downloads or installations as the games themselves are already mobile-friendly. You can play directly by accessing your usual accounts on any online casinos that host Sweet Bonanza using a web browser on your smartphone.

All features of the game are touch screen functional. They can be activated by simply tapping and swiping.

Other Slots with Candy Theme

Other Candy themed slot games are:

  • Chocolate Slot (by Big Time Gaming)
  • Donut Slot (by Big Time Gaming)
  • Sweet Alchemy (by Play’N’Go)
  • Sweet Bonanza Xmas (by Pragmatic Play)

Sweet Bonanza Xmas

Sweet Bonanza also has a highly successful sequel slot game called Sweet Bonanza Xmas. This reboot of the original was released in November of 2019. Sweet Bonanza Xmas does not stray very far from its predecessor, as pretty much all the mechanics are identical. The main differences are the festive twists made to the graphics and music. The background music and backdrop theme are given a holiday season makeover. Adorably, all the fruits and candies are also covered in snow!

The Pros and Cons of The Game

The Pros of Sweet Bonanza slots are:

  • Bonus rounds with multipliers of up to 100x.
  • Visual appeal, colorful with a fun theme and special effects.
  • Tumble feature, which allows for more chances to win per spin.
  • A possible 21,175x total bet.

The Cons are:

  • Gameplay may be a little confusing, especially to casual players or those new to slots.
  • Big wins are usually only gained during the Free Spins bonus round.

Sweet Bonanza Slot Review Final Thoughts

This Sweet Bonanza slot review has weighed the game’s pros and cons and examined the gameplay itself. The easy gameplay and adorable graphics make it an attractive choice for many slot players. But don’t be fooled by these cute symbol designs; there is a very real and very large potential payout to be won on this game. High rollers, in particular, will find it enticing with high stakes reaching a bet of £10 a spin that could see them win 21,175x that initial bet.

Since the best chances of winning big are during Free Spins Rounds, it is especially convenient that players do not have to rely on luck to trigger it but can pay for it to commence. During the Free Spins round, massive bonus multipliers of up to 100x can be obtained. The maximum buy-in for a Free Spins round is £10,000, but that high risk could net an extremely high reward.

Sadly, some players do not have this option, indicating that Sweet Bonanza may not be the best slot for the geographically unfortunate slot machine fans to hedge their bets on for big payouts.

The tumble feature also allows for a better chance to have more winning combinations per spin as winning symbols disappear and new symbols drop down to replace the empty spaces. The suspense and tension of this feature can add further excitement.

The easy accessibility of Sweet Bonanza across all desktop, mobile, and tablet devices also makes the game very appealing.

The betting range from 0.2 to 100 makes Sweet Bonanza appealing to both the low-stakes players on a budget and the thrill-seeking high rollers out there with more to gamble.

Overall, it is easy to see why any slot lover can get reeled into Sweet Bonanza! But remember to always play responsibly by setting aside a realistic and strict budget. When you have an idea of what you can afford to lose, you will know when to stop. The key to online slots is to have fun and preferably walk away with a net profit.


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